I understand that FeTNA Convention is for individuals and affiliated with the FETNA and that I meet these eligibility requirements to attend. 

I understand that I must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination with a World Health Organization accepted vaccine to attend FeTNA 2022. I understand that badges will not be printed on-site without proof of vaccination, and I will forfeit my registration and any fees associated until I can provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. 

I understand that participation in events and travel to and around New York may increase the risk of exposure and contraction to communicable diseases and viruses. I agree to release and hold harmless the FETNA, the facilities and their employees and representatives from and against damages, liability, claims and expenses arising from the contraction or spread of diseases and viruses, including but not limited to Coronavirus (COVID-19), due to my travel to or participation in any aspects of FETNA. This agreement is binding on me and my successors and heirs.